Thursday, May 15, 2008


In terms of convenience and accuracy, I still think palmistry is the best of all the fortune telling methods. Having a knowledge of palmistry means that one can move anywhere and meet any clients without having to be burdened by paraphernalia of fortune telling equipments such as Raphael's almanac, horoscope calculations, tarot cards and crystal balls. All you have to do is just bring yourself. And you can become a fortune teller just about any where be it in cafes, trains or even in offices at impromptu sessions

Palmistry to me is so scientific and methodological. Readings of palms is just another clinical examinations with all the clues being given by the mounts and lines in the hands. The lines are just simple graphs which you interpret as a function of distance to reflect time of event. Nothing could be nicer or easier.

One of the other aspect of palmistry which I liked is that by touching or holding your client's hand we establish a physical and emotional connection allowing that personal touch between two persons. This is ideal in feeling or communicating the various vibrations from which a good palmist will read and interpret.

Reading hands is not about being popular or the excuse to touch a girl's hand. These aspects should be dispelled if one wants to be a good palmist and a professional one. One could never be a good palmist or have a good reputation as a palmist if the ulterior motives as stated above are exploited

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