Friday, May 16, 2008


Sometimes telling the truth hurts.This is the predicament faced by the palmist when reading a client's palm. Would you tell your client you saw the mark of death in his hands or that he will have a short life or his marriage will fail?

We must consider the psychological and emotional consequence of the client if we were to tell these unhappy events. Further in palmistry everything is about prediction and just like a doctor's diagnosis there is a possibility the reading might be wrong. Ultimately its GOD that will decide..

In my opinion it is better not to tell the real truth but rather advise the client to take extra care of his health or whatever and always to pray to God for blessings

Personally I have come to hear of many cases where inexperienced or charlatan palmists misdiagnosing the client of an impending disaster and to have the client suffered years and years of hell believing the event will be coming true....only to find later its not happening as predicted.

Palmists should take extra caution or great pain before stating such reading and think of the consequences

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