Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A good palmist does not hastily makes a conclusion by just reading one observation on one line. He will study various lines and to look for further 'supporting evidences' of the particular event at some other lines and clues from the various mountains.

For example, if he sees a divorce or a separation in the marriage, he will try to see the event recorded in the various other lines such as the fate line. heart line and even lines of influence from the mount of Venus.

Reading the lines to determine the cause and effects of the event is similar to like doing a good piece of detective work and putting a;; the pieces together to form the proper picture.

The main factor that unite all the factors that lead to the confirmation and description of the event lies in knowing the exact time of the event. By looking at all the pertinent lines at the time of the event will give the palmist the details of the analyses and accuracy

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