Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My interest into palmistry started when I was about 14 years old, and 40 years later I am still interested in palmistry. My interest in palmistry was triggered by a small column in the local daily which featured the predictive part of palmistry.

In the beginning of my journey as an amateur palmist or as a hobby, I found out that I was making more mistakes in reading palms than getting the accurate readings. Things began to change a few years later when I had an eerie and prophetic dream. That became the changing point in my life as reading palmistry becomes more instinctive and accurate.

After the eerie dream I developed a fever or was sick for about three days. It doesn't bother me then, as I thought the fever has no connection with the dream. Maybe it was just a simple cold or a flu.

Then as time passes by I gradually realised the change that is occurring within me. I began to give very accurate palmistry readings and I no longer need a palmistry books to study or refer to. By just observing and touching the client's hand I can see or feel what he or she feels or suffering. The mouth just utter the prediction even without bothering to read the hand properly.
And this changes get stronger as I grow older........

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