Thursday, May 15, 2008


The lines are the barometer of the person progress as he goes through the various phases of his life, through happiness, pain, success, failures and obstacles among others. Each line is like a definite 'rail track' which have its beginnings and endings.

The only significant difference between the real rail track is that we are provided various lines or 'rail tracks' to indicate our general existence. These lines bear testimony or record of what we went through in the past and what we will be facing in the future

To complicate things further these lines come from and cross various mountains and plains and that more than often these lines cross each other bringing more meanings to the course of events affecting our lives.

Although we can basically divide lines into vertical lines like life line, fate line and sun line, there are lateral lines represented by heart and head line. As for the vertical lines, it is easy to say where the lines start and ends, but for lateral lines the starting and ending depends on the respective lines

As I have said earlier there is the start and ending for each lines so that we have the wisdom to determine the date of event in the past and those that are yet to come. However, dividing the lines into its segmental divisions could be the problems among many palmists or schools of palmistry. Many palmists seem to have their own methods of calibrating the time events on the various lines. How accurate the use of different methods will only be known by clients who have their palms read

There are however slight exceptions in the above discussions. A good examples is in the union or affection lines. The event of the happening is determined by the point where the line appeared on the percussion. The length of line of the union line just indicate the overall length of the relationship. We cannot really see where the line starts or end

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