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Sometimes when we are in the process of learning palmistry, we are to obsessed or impatient to start doing the 'clinical' part of palmistry and start memorizing and memorizing lines and to start reading and predicting. In most cases, following this attempt will frequently end up in failures and rapid loss of interest to study palmistry.

Palmistry is more than just reading lines and prediction. A good palmist will have to go through years and years of failures and studying until we gain enough experience to become a good palmist

One of the least popular aspects of palmistry is studying the significance of the various mountains present in the palm. The mountains and its characteristics provide various clues to the prediction of the client's palmistry. It gives the underlying reason for the events and provide the richness to the predicting of the client's past, present and future

Just as in geography, mountains in palmistry are significant mounds or pads which occur at different sites on the palm . The naming of the various mountains is the result of the integration of astrology into palmistry, thus the named after the various planets. The planets on the other hand are named after the various gods in Greek mythology

The mountains occur and take their names under the fingers they reside:
1 Mount Jupiter under Jupiter finger ( First finger)
2 Mount Saturn under Saturn finger ( Second finger)
3 Mount Apollo under Apollo finger ( Third finger)
4 Mount Mercury under Mercury finger ( Fourth finger)

There are other mountains such as:
5 Mount Upper Lower Mars
6 Mount of Venus under the thumb
7 Mount of the Moon on the percussion

Mountains represent energy or drive that will affect the person. If any lines cross or ends or starts from the particular mountain then the properties of the mountain will influence him. So its important to study the significance of the mountains and what it represent. Mountains are energy.


Try not memorizing the detail meanings and significance of each mountains but think more as the character each mountains as the person. Then it will be simpler to understand and remember what the mountain is all about. Think about the various mountains as the various gods in Greek Mythology and not as planets named after the gods.

The strength or the values of the mountains depend on whether it is over developed, well developed or underdeveloped. Over development will give excessive values to the traits of the mountain. Lack of development will normally show as lacking or opposite to the characters of the mountains

The mountain under the first finger is called Mount Jupiter named after the Greek god, Jupiter. Jupiter represents power, authority, leadership, and organization. These are positive values if properly indicated

Saturn has always been pictured as a picture of seriousness, aloof, isolation coldness

Is the Sun god full of warmth, brightness and represents self-confidence, kindness and grandeur.

When we imagine Mercury as the god we see speed, communications and it represents materialistic prosperity and affluence.

The moon has always represents imagination, beauty and emotions.

Love, enjoyment, beauty and feminine values

Mars is the god of War and battles and it represents war. courageous, fearless and frank.

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