Thursday, May 22, 2008


How can we tell if the palmist is good or not? It is no point believing in his advertisements or claims for this will just be a good marketing strategy. A good palmist should be known more by his reputation not from the clients he read.

In my opinion if we want to know what makes a good palmist lies in his ability in:
1 Knowing the client's past
2 Predicting his future with accuracy

It is not a good palmist if he already knows who the famous client is. It is just like having Dr Mahathir visited you. Every one knows Mahathir...even idiots without any palmistry knowledge will know from the media about his past

A good palmist should not rely on astrology to aid in his accuracy in predicting. If it be so then he is not a true palmist but an astrologer or an astropalmist.

A good palmist should be able to tell a lot about the person by just reading his palm print! Of course seeing the client as a person will be more accurate

A good palmist is one whose reputation goes by the word of the mouth. Or if the client came back to see him after many years to thank him of his predictions

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