Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The lines in the palm represent the most popular component in any study of palmistry. The study of the shape of hands and fingers and mountains of the palm are often relegated to lesser importance. As much as lines in palmistry are very important it must be mentioned that the other aspects of palmistry are important too in order to give accurate and meaningful readings in palmistry.

In studying the lines of the palm, the traditional approach is to classify the lines into major and minor lines. While the study of the main lines are important, it is the study of the minor or tiny lines that add colour to any readings of the palm. These tiny lines contribute to the complex of the readings and giving the finer picture of the situation

Throughout my observations the lines can be divided into the following:
1 Major lines such as fate line, heart line, life line and head line
2 Minor lines such as sub line, affection line
3 Interference lines or influence lines
4 Sub minor lines which are traces and are often difficult to detect

In superficially glancing at the palm we will first study which among the major lines are more intense as it will be the aspects of the lines that will control the subject more than the other major lines

What makes a palmistry reading more exciting is when the interference lines appeared as dominant lines in intensity. This will show how such minor events can influence the subject drastically.

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