Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Palmistry may be an interesting hobby or a passing interest to some. It may be a profitable pastime to some. It may even be an "excuse" for horny men to be popular or to touch the girl or hold her hands!

To me palmistry is more than the above. It is the "message" from the God or heaven giving guidance for normal human beings ( If only they realize!)

My hypothesis is simple derived from my simple philosophical outlook and from my inner feelings. First, there is a close relationship between astrology and palmistry. This field is often combine by popular palmists to gain more information and knowledge about the client. This combination of palmistry and astrology is often referred to as ASTROPALMISTRY

What ever is dictated by the stars in heaven is identically shown in the palms by all the mountains, plains and lines in the palm. But the best part is that if you are a good and excellent palmists you need not carry all the astrology almanacs and time spent to cast and predict the horoscope. You need nothing...its all provided in the palms and you can read palms conveniently anywhere as long there is a light source to see the palm!

After decades of studying and reading palmistry and all the experience I had I realized that the palm is getting more and more interesting! I do not see the events experienced by the clients! I do not see his romantic affairs and illicit flings! I do not see his high blood pressure or his cholesterol values. Neither do I see the clients fatal car accident nor his tons of money or his bereavements. All I see in his palms are lines, plains and mountains that I read and interprete!

Looking at the hand is not only looking at the client's life past , present and future. I see geography or landscape of his life and how he goes through his journey and where it will lead..

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