Wednesday, May 14, 2008


One of the most important facets in palm reading besides knowing the occurrence of an event is determining the exact or approximate time of the event. Did it occur in the past at what age of the client? When will the future event occur in the client's life. Knowing how to determine the time of the event both in the past and future will help increase the professionalism of the palmist and his reputation among his clients. Determining the time of the event gives the palmistry a predictive or prophetic value

If we look at a few of the popular palmistry test books or reference books we can see there seems to be no universal agreement among the palmists. It seems every palmist has his own method of determining time. Only the client will know if the method is accurate or not!

The complication of determining the time of event in the hand is made complexed by a few factors such as:

1 Different people have different hand size
2 Some have different life spans
3 Some have smaller shorter lines, some have longer lines
4 Different lines might show different scales of time determinations. For example in most lines, the division of time is evenly spaced, but in the case of the fate line, the division of times are wider below 35 years or below the headline, but compressed divisions above 50 years or above the heart line.

In the author-s experience the most accurate way of deter ming the timing of the events on the various lines is by calibrating the line in terms of two separate significant events which the client has encountered. Once the calibration has been determined it is much easier to calibrate the various lines both for past and future events.

The calibration of time on the lines should be done at the early stage of palm reading and with the cooperation of the client for better accuracy.

In the author's personal experience of time determination in palmistry is the one expounded by Comte de St Germain in his book " Palmistry for professionals"

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