Sunday, May 18, 2008


One of the big issues in palmistry readings is to decide whether to read the right hand or left hand. There are two school of thoughts on these matters:
1 The first school proposed that always read the right hand id the person is right handed and left hand if the person is left handed
2 The second school proposed that for ladies you read the left hand and for men you read the right hand

In my opinion the first school is more accurate and has always been the rule which I used.

In my view the dominant hand which is right hand for right hander should be referred to. Under such situations the left hand represent what you have been given by God and show your inherent characteristics or fate. The right hand is the outcome of whether you have changed your given fate for better or worst. Right hand is therefore the manifestations and how the world sees you.

In palm reading it is proper to study both the right and left hands and see if there are major changes in particular lines of the palm. Spent some time studying the differences as it will add to the accuracy of the readings as whether the person fate is better or worst. A good example is that in the left hand he is shown as intrinsically shy but in the right hand he has shown he has overcome his shyness

This comparisons of both hand will give enrichment to the quality of your palm readings

It is important to point that if the pattern of lines are identical for both hands then we can conclude that the fate of the ckient is sealed

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