Thursday, May 15, 2008


I have often wonder why most people trying to learn palmistry easily get fed up or failed to acquire the knowledge. Most of these palmists 'wannabes' either want the easy way out or get quick result, or they are disappointed by the failure to get the correct reading when they try to apply what ever little they just learned from the book or friends

Most should realize that learning palmistry is just like learning any other subject. Ine have to start from beginning and acquire the basic foundation before jumping to the exciting clinical part of palmistry. Of course with any effective learning one must pass through a systematic way of learning the whole of palmistry. Even physicians in the early stages of learning got to learn the basic and often non excoting part of medicine such as the preclinical subjects. These basic subjects will provide you the future foundation of your knowledge in palmistry and how you will learn to read the clues that will give you the perfect reading.

I have often laugh with the ' impatience ' of budding palmists who want to go straight reading the lines of the hand but in the immediate result of getting erroneous readings. hehehe

Then there are those who tried to learn palmistry by trying to memorise each case or palm drawing. They will easily tire themselves and get disappointed. The problem is there is no point of memorising each palmistry case as in most situations each palm reading is different and do not follow rigidly the textbook image. Also the tendency of the books in palmistry is often giving to brief a picture of the event without really explaining how they reach the conclusions. In good palmistry readings an important event are often showed to occur within a few lines of the hand

It is always better to learn palmistry under a guru just as medical students learn from their teachers and supported by the reference books and notes

One of the biggest hurdle most students faced in trying to memorise palmistry is their method of rote learning all the properties of mountains and lines. One of the best and easiest method is to treat every mountain in the hand as a person. If we regard jupiter as a man we see all his characteristics and easy to associate with the mountain. Then we see Saturn as a very old serious and grumpy old man who likes to live alone.Put in a bit of imagination...add cartoon characters to represent the mountain.Try it...its fun and soon you will be a palmist

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