Thursday, July 3, 2008


Love and romance is one of the most popular questions often handled by palmists. There are many areas or lines in the palm which point to the answer of the various love problems or issues relating to it. A good palmist will study all the relevant lines, signs and mountains in the palm before reaching a very accurate reading. The common factor tying all these activities and predictions will be time.

Now let us see what are the important lines, signs or mountains which provide clues to the problem of love and relationships

1 Marriage or Union lines on the percussion
2 Fate line
3 Mount of Venus
4 Mount of Moon
5 Via Lascivia
6 Heart line
7 Influence lines from Mount of Venus
8 Girdle of Venus

The marriage or union lines does not on its own confirm that a marriage will happen. There are other observations needed to confirm if a marriage will happen. It is most correct at this stage to perceive that ant line which appears as union line refers to an 'interference' indicating of a relationship. The relationship might be real or intense or may lead to marriage or it could just be infatuation or puppy love and nothing more than that. Mind you especially in the adolescent periods such feelings for the opposite could be serious at that age as to etch a significant mark on the union line

This observation of whether it will lead to marriage or what so ever has to be confirmed with other observations on the hand

The pain and struggle of the relationship as whether the relationship is smooth or intense, psychologically straining or demanding and how long the relationship last or retained by the person depends on the palm of the person being read and not the object of love of the person. For all we know the other part to whom the person is head over heel with does not even realized that she is the object of affection of the person

It is interesting to observe as to the proportion of feelings shown by the length of the union line. If we observe carefully if the line is longer or more towards the back of the palm rather than the front of the palm, the feeling or contribution to the percentage of love in the relationship is more contributed by the person whose palm is read. If however the length of line is more on the open palm side it is more the partner of the person loving him more

A very deep wide and often reddish line indicate that the person think so much of his partner to the point of dominating his days and nights with pain thinking of his love. While a light fine and smooth line indicate how easy it was for the relationship to develop or that the relationship could be 'secretive' or 'hidden' in nature

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